How Much Traffic Can You Get From Yahoo and Bing?

When people work on search engine optimization, they usually focus on Google. It’s easy to understand why people do this. Google is the most popular search engine by a large margin. With that said, Yahoo and Bing can also bring traffic to your site.

Here’s why you shouldn’t be ignoring other search engines:

It’s Easy To Rank At The Top Of Bing Results

Nearly every keyword seems to have high competition in Google’s search rankings. However, competition in Bing is a lot lower. If you want to rank on the first page for a competitive keyword, you should be able to do that.

Bing doesn’t have the kind of user base that Google does, but it still brings in traffic every day. If you’re looking to increase your numbers, you may be able to get better results with bing.

Many Microsoft Devices Encourage People To Use Bing

If people are entering the URL for a search engine, they’ll usually go to Google. If people are typing a phrase in their search bar, however, they might be doing a Bing search.

A lot of Microsoft devices set your default search engine to Bing. If someone isn’t tech savvy, they’re not going to switch their search engine to Google. They’re going to keep on using Bing.

Focusing On Other Search Engines Won’t Hurt Your Google Results

If you spend some time focusing on your Bing results, you’ll still be able to rank in Google searches. There’s no reason to ignore single search engines; you should try to focus on everything. This is what exactly search engine optimization agency does. They are always trying to focus on other search engines as well.

Google isn’t the only search engine with the power to drive traffic to your site. Other search engines can bring you traffic as well. If you play your cards right, you should be able to attract lots of traffic to your site.